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Hi! I'm Lara, i live in Portugal and i'm 16 years old. Funny and computer addicted. I watch lots of tv shows but you'll see more of Castle, Bones, Vampire Diaries and Chuck. Besides these ones i also love Leverage, NCSI, CSI, Suits, The Mentalist, One Tree Hill, Pushing Daisies, Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, Hawaii Five-0, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Teen Wolf, Body of Proof, Spartacus and Once Upon a Time. I LOVE HUNGER GAMES!!! I have lots of ships and i''ll go down with them no matter what. I reblog a lot but sometimes i post my own things. I hope that you enjoy my blog! ***Feed the birds always and may the odds be ever in your favour*** :D

Reblog so we can see how “few” of us can stand Hook 

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And prove this tweet wrong. 

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about bloody time someone had the guts to make this tag LOLLL thanks for that!


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"What I love about Big A is their reasons for being A. The motives to do what Big A has been doing are so perfect for all of the shenanigans this character has pulled off. I’m just really, really excited to reveal that to the fans when we expose A’s identity. I love big A’s motives and motivation even more than who Big A is." 

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Underrated moments + Castle and Beckett
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #11

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Yo, so Stana has been challenged by several people, several times, to do the ALS ice bucket challenge and she hasn’t done it yet. So I’m gonna get her. (x)

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What was the hardest physical thing you’ve ever had to do for the series?

Okay this is ironic, in the Pilot I did the Salmon Ladder, and it looks a lot harder than it actually is - it’s a very visually stunning/interesting looking exercise… ( x )

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The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin